Our space-saver, the spiral crate washer

Foto Klotzki Spiralkastenwascher

In November, we were able to deliver a spiral crate washer for cleaning beverage crates to our customer, the beverage manufacturer Bionade from Ostheim.

Prerequisites and implementation of the spiral crate washer

The original system had insufficient cleaning performance with a contact time of the cleaning medium of approximately 3 seconds. Our task was to deliver a crate cleaning system with a required space of 2 x 2 meters, which corresponds to the high quality standards of Bionade. With our spiral crate washer, we were able to realize a wash path of 28 meters with a contact time of approximately 65 seconds on just 4 square meters. The new system has a performance of 2,200 crates per hour. On the following pages you will find more information about our washers.

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