Conveyor and automation technology, robot handling
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Through the chute, the crates are moved to a lower level, for example, after cleaning. Through the sliding down and rising of the crates, they already lose up to 80% of the water stuck on them, which can then be directed back into the washing system. The crates are simultaneously turned with the C-chute. There is no turn with the S-chute.

Your benefits
  • Simple gravity chute
  • Can also be used for emptying
  • Water is collected and returned

Use less energy, protect the environment and save up to 80% in energy! The innovation from Klotzki –

Recyable container dryer

Klotzki Spiralförderer
Conveyor and storage technology

Here we offer you the greatest possible savings in space due to the low floor space and high flexibility through a large assortment in the processing of crates and boxes. This system is nearly free of wear through a minimum amount of mobile parts.

Your benefits
  • Upward and downward transportation
  • Transportation and storage of crates, boxes and much more.
  • Freely configurable inlet and outlet
  • Short conversion and equipping times
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