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From the label to the bottle, Klotzki offers solutions for the beverage industry
Klotzki Selbstreinigende Düse
Self-cleaning nozzle

The nozzles used for Klotzki washing systems are independently developed, patented special nozzles.
They are self-cleaning and immediately close when the pump stops so that an unintentional return flow of cleaning medium can be prevented.

Your benefits
  • 360 degree adjustable
  • Wide stream, ideal for crates
Can emptying and pressing machine

The Klotzki can emptying and pressing machine empties cans of their liquid contents. After this, it sprays out the cans with a defined amount of water if needed and presses them together.
The capacity of the system is up to 2,160 cans per hour with the simultaneous treatment of 6 cans.

Your benefits
  • Completely automated
  • Water hydraulic system
  • 2160 cans / hour
Klotzki Produkt Flaschenzerkleinerer
Bottle crushing machine

Wherever bottles are in circulation in the deposit system, defective, worn or permanently soiled bottles are discarded. The Klotzki bottle crushing machine helps reduce the bottle volume.

Your benefits
  • Simple handling
  • Little wear
  • Low sound emission
Klotzki Produkt Muldenkippbehaelter
Dump-tilting container

This is designed for the collection and transportation of raw materials for production and operating waste. It is made in a heavy, stable design with a low construction height. The trigger mechanism works through a rope hoist or foot lever. After emptying through a displacement of concentration, the tilting container automatically returns to the loading position.
The dump-tilting container is welded from 3 mm stainless steel sheet metal and is both oil and waterproof. Furthermore, the surface is glass bead-blasted. The fixed castors bolted on the main frame and the wheels with a total stop mechanism guarantee the manoeuvrability of the dump-tilting container.

Your benefits
  • Simple handling
  • More safety for your employees
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Robust and safe
Klotzki Produkt Schneckenpresse
Label screw press

The space-saving Klotzki label press works purely mechanically and convinces through high drainage. Up to 80% of the lye is pressed out of the old labels. This results in a high reduction of the weight and volume. This in turn means enormous savings in costs for disposal and transportation. A performance-related classification of the label press guarantees efficient energy consumption.

(Technical highlight: The label presses are made primarily of stainless steel).

Your benefits
  • Enormous reduction in weight and volume
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Cost savings for disposal and transportation
  • Performance: from 5,000 – 120,000 bottles/hour

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Label piston press (hydraulic)

The Klotzki piston press works according to the extrusion principle; this means that the inserted old labels in the receiving hopper are pressed out and compressed. The pressed out lye is collected in a collecting vessel and can then be pumped back into the bottle cleaning machine through a pump with a level control.

Your benefits
  • Enormous reduction in weight and volume
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Almost no wear
  • Very high performance
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