Turning and emptying boxes and crates
Klotzki Wenderadwender
Turning wheel turner

The turning wheel turner separates the crates/recyclable containers and turns them while they are moved upwards through a clamping jaw system. Loose pieces remaining in the crates, like labels, leaves, etc., are also removed during this process. They fall down and are transported outwards through a shaft.

Your benefits
  • 100% crate separation
  • Integrated crate emptying
  • Width setting for different crates
Klotzki Produkt Klemmbackenwender
Clamping jaw turner

The clamping jaw turner is based on the Klotzki C-slide and is used for the upward and downward movement of boxes. Through our clamping jaw turner system, the boxes are moved in a careful manner. The height setting of the inlet and outlet is adjusted exactly to your guidelines.

Your benefits
  • Space-saving construction
  • Level transportation and turning
  • Nearly maintenance-free construction
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