Minimum space required, high cleaning power, free of chemicals on request
Klotzki Produkt Wenderadwascher-trockner
Turning wheel crate washer

This purely mechanical transport system for recyclable containers is a simply constructed alternative to the clamping jaw crate washer. The turning wheel washer cleans, empties and turns the beverage crates in one step and guarantees a long lifespan through the omission of wear parts. Furthermore, the beverage crates are brought to a higher level. The compact dimensions and the simple construction of the machines are another argument that speak for the use of this progressive construction form.

Your benefits
  • Space-saving compact solution
  • Minimal space needed (3.4m x 1.7m x 3.5m) with a cleaning path of 5 m
  • Certain crate separation
  • Crate emptying with discard chute
  • Crate upwards turn with 3D spraying system
  • Optimal cleaning
  • Long lifespan
  • Output: from 500 – 1,600 crates per hour

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Klotzki Spiralkastenwascher
Spiral crate washer

The beverage and food industry has very high quality and hygiene requirements for clean and microbiologically pure recyclables. With Klotzki Maschinenbau’s over 35 years of experience in the area of cleaning recyclable transportation containers, a technology was developed with the patented spiral crate washer that obtains an optimal and microbiologically perfect result in an economically and ecologically sufficient manner. A smaller version of the spiral crate washer or turning wheel washer is also available for a smaller budget. The size and performance of both can be adjusted exactly to your requirements through the module construction.

Ihre Vorteile
  • Minimal space needed (2m x 2m x 3.8m) with long cleaning path (up to 40 m)
  • Washing possible without chemicals
  • Up to a 50% saving in energy compared to conventional systems
  • Minimal water consumption
  • 3D spraying system – through the patented self-cleaning Klotzki 3-D nozzle
  • Optimal cleaning
  • Operating and maintenance friendly through a space-saving, compact construction
  • Treatment time: 1 min 20s with 3,000 crates/h
  • Throughput: up to 3,600 crates per hour
Crate rinser pre-washer

The crate rinser was developed for the short spraying off of containers. For extremely dusty returned objects, it is often necessary to clean these off roughly before further processing or to temper the bottles. The compact dimensions and simple construction are wonderful properties of this product. This allows the system to be optimally connected between the transport systems.

Your benefits
  • Space-saving
  • Can be integrated into existing transport systems
Klotzki Produkt C-Klemmbackenwascher
Clamping jaw crate washer

The clamping jaw crate washer separates the crates/recyclable containers and cleans them while they are moved upwards through a clamping jaw system. Loose pieces remaining in the crates, like labels, leaves, etc., are also removed during this process. They fall down and are transported outwards through a shaft. This cleaning is supported through the arrangement of the nozzles, which hit all sides of the crate with a spraying pressure of approximately 4 bar.

Your benefits
  • Complete crate separation
  • Extra large container with slot screen filter (no strainer inserts)
  • Great efficient benefits through long spraying path
  • Integrated crate emptying
  • Double-sided doors with inspection windows
  • Width setting for different crates
Klotzki Produkt Durchlaufwascher
Continuous crate washer

This cleaning system works in a continuous process with mechanical crate separation. This guarantees that the gaps are also cleaned in an optimal manner. The lye filtering is guaranteed through a slot screen.

Your benefits
  • 3D spraying system
  • Good cleaning performance
  • Throughput: up to 1,600 crates per hour

Use less energy, protect the environment and save up to 80% in energy! The innovation from Klotzki –

Recyable container dryer

Klotzki Produkt Hochdruckanlagen
High pressure systems

Water nozzle high pressure applications are used more and more when high mechanical powers are additionally needed during the wet processing of components. These can be used in order to remove stubborn stains, to roughen surfaces or even to deburr edges. The process is versatile and requires a lot of know-how, which the Klotzki employees have through years of experience in this area.

Ihre Vorteile
  • Washing and deburring in one process
  • Water preparation in a cycle
  • Complicated procedures are possible
  • Adjusted according to customer requests
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